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Chrysler Town and Country
Front and back brake job, plus 90K tune up

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the service you just performed on my wifes van. The tune up and brake job has made the car drive so much better to drive. I was very impressed with is your honesty. I had mentioned the noise from the exhaust and expected I was going to have to replace it. The fact that you looked at the car and spotted a loose bolt, tightened it and fixed the noise within seconds and at no cost! I know a less honest mechanic would have replaced the exhaust.

I will be calling you the next time I need service! I will also be giving your name to all my friends and family.

Thanks - Mark Castle

Buick Enclave

Thanks for diagnosing the Enclave! I want to share the story. Bought a 2012 Buick Enclave from CarMax. The car started hissing from the AC vents after only a few weeks. Took it into Buick since it was under warranty. Picked up the car the following day to be told the noise was normal — there was no way. Called Tony when I got back and he came over that evening. Within 10 mins (without gauges or computer equipment) he said it was low on Freon. He explained how he know and told me he was 99.9% sure that was the issue. The next day I took the car back to Buick. Got the head mechanic and told him exactly what Tony told me to say. Buick took the car again for the day. When I went to pick it up it was fixed, finally. Tony was correct! Tony was able to diagnose the issue with 10 mins in my garage when Buick with all their tools and computer gadgets could not figure it out.

Jaguar XF
Rear brake job - rotors and pads

Tony came to my house and diagnosed the squeeking noise as the rear brakes had worn out. He took the car back to his shop the following day and replaced the brakes. I had called Leith Jaguar and got a quote for the dealer to perform the job. First they could not even look at the car for over a week. Second, the price was approx. $500 over Tony's price.

Andrew C.

Ford Windstar

A wonderful mechanic.He knows what he is doing . Prices are exceptional! Thank you Christine Cutter

Cadillac Escalade

He worked on my 2004 cad escalade, he came to our house — saved us time and four to five hundred dollars. He is nice and honest we will continue to use and recommend him. Chrissy Willis

Mercades Benz E320

Tony McLamb is an awesome mechanic. He was able to find and fix a problem on my 2005 Mercedes E320 after three trips to the dealer service department were unsuccessful-Can't even count the dollars he has saved me!!! He is a super nice person that is willing to go out of his way to help his customers. I highly recommend him. Wendy T.

Tony changed the timing belt on my Lexus LX470. Anyone who knows cars knows this is a very involved and expensive job. You have to take about half of the engine out. Tony came out and set up my garage like it was his own shop. I was impressed at the array of tools he had and he was very neat, courteous and knowledgeable and he kept my garage spotless. But most importantly he saved me about 500 dollars off what the dealer would have charged me! Since then I have had Tony work on many of my vehicles. He did the brakes and changed an air shock on my Range Rover and even tuned up my Mercedes. Tony is an honest and stand up guy and always will treat you fair. Most importantly you will get great work for a very reasonable price. He has my highest recommendation.

John Geiger

I have a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer that I initially called Tony for the repair of a power window that was not working. My AC was broken and I had taken it to two places(one who immediately said I needed a compressor, which was false, and one that said it was electrical but they could not fix it). I asked him to look at it. I now have a window that closes and a cool car. Tony is really great to deal with and a “great mechanic”. I would recommend him to anyone. All in all a good experience. Nice guy, great mechanic and prices are spot on. Why would you go anywhere else!

Mr McLamb fixed my Suzuki that would not start; he came to my house and diagnosed the problem and then towed the car to his shop for repair; he was also able to put my catalytic converter on that I had purchased for a low rate. my original mechanic replaced it for me about two years ago for 60 dollars more than Tony charged. He could tell that I was stressed about about the repairs and was very reassuring. Moreover, I thought that both he and his son were very nice and courteous and dropped my car off for no additional charge. I am happy with the job that they performed on my car.

Tonya W

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